Friday, January 1, 2016

Why we lost bonding as a Family and a Pastors request to stop Sunday shopping

After reading an article on line - Michigan Pastor Calls On All Christians To Stop Shopping On Sundays  . I'm thinking about this issue in another light. I've never fought Sunday shopping under a religious issue. After reading the article and the Pastors request, I'm wondering why the majority of Ministers are so silent about Sunday being a day of rest? You never hear them preach the Sabbath, you never hear them encourage Sundays to be family days. It's like the whole issue is swept under the rug and forgotten. Since when does God's word change if you're a Christian? Ministers do not teach about the day of rest any more and a large percentage of church goers go out shopping after a church service. When we were little our parents taught us right from wrong. If you're not taught, you’re not going to learn. If you're not taught about Sunday and the day of rest, you're not going to learn about it.
Families do not bond like they used to, you never hear about family dinners like we used to have. Most parents are not close to their kids these days, not like years ago when stores were closed Sundays. We can not blame it all on Sunday shopping, other factors like the internet and TV play a role in the death of human bonding. If we do not set a day aside it's pretty hard for humans to get together to talk and bond. I had a few people tell me that the government has no business in telling a family when they should bond? Obviously they aren’t bonding and we have Sunday shopping to blame for a big part of it. But we can protect Birds, we can fight to protect the environment . But human bonding isn't important? Chilling out from the rat race isn't important? We set days aside for Canada Day, Christmas, New Years etc. But not for families? Hello? Isn't it time,
that we wake up and see what we are doing as a human race?
I was into a local Irving on Dec 24th, to top up my gas. I will not shop or buy gas on a Sunday or a Holiday. One of the managers told me she wished they would close for at least one day a year. A company that huge making billions of dollars and they can not afford to let their employee's enjoy Christmas off. Capitalism obviously isn't working, after Sundays were taken from most employee's , companies want more and more. At what cost?
Our churches are guilty for given up sermons that encourage Sundays as the day of rest. So if churches do not encourage human bonding, will Atheists preach about it? Will any other organizations step forward ? Religions have caused a lot of wars in history, but we have forgotten about all the good things that they do? We protect birds, we fine people for littering our roads and we are trying to protect our environment. Why aren't we protecting our families? Why aren't we promoting family life any more? We need to get back to the good old days. Christmas is about giving and what a special gift it would be to have public support . Not shopping on a Sunday! Planning and managing you're purchases so you don't have to shop. Being human is caring about one another. Not being selfish. Seriously do we need to watch movies at a theater on a Sunday? Knowing that we are responsible for them being there? Being responsible that he or she can not be home with their kids? All we have to do is stop shopping !
You can give a gift to someone with out it being of a material nature. By encouraging them to have that time home, by encouraging government legislation closing stores down.
You do not have to be a Christian to be any less human ! An atheist also needs time to bond also with his or her families.
I remember when the debate was in full swing in Nova Scotia, and one of the biggest arguments was why is it OK to eat at a restaurant , go to tim's on a Sunday, while grocery stores & Walmart's had to close? A good campaign can be real successful when you can play one occupation off against one another. Instead of solving the problem, government and business using the media convinced the general public that this is wrong. I'm going to tell you what's wrong with that in a few several points. First off if you buy a new car , does that mean everyone should buy one too? Several occupations are off on Sundays and nothing is ever mentioned about them, including government services.  If one occupation wants Sundays off and another wants to work, how can we condemn or punish those who do not want it? The problem could have been solved, by closing other non essential services as well. It's not important to buy a Tim's coffee on a Sunday or go to a movie. If we are not doing any of these things, no corporation would have the hours to give them or make them work. If a major snow storm comes on a Sunday, it's funny how many people can find the time to shop the day before. We all like material things and that is one of those things that makes us human. But when these material things and our addictions take away from someone else to spend time and bond with their families, we have a major problem. It's not about you're right to shop, it's about what we have lost because of Sunday shopping.  How about an Act of kindness starting today? January 1st, 2016? I pledge not to shop on Sundays, I pledge not to go to the movies or to Tim's on a Sunday. I pledge to buy my gas the day before ! Please support us by liking our facebook page Save Our Sundays. You can also like us on Twitter -
Please share on any social media, ask one person to share and ask the other person share it too.

On another note, I was on the Rick Howe show one morning and he said to me , isn't it time you give this up? Sunday shopping is here to stay? I can not give this up, we all have a gut feeling and this is one of them , that I have. A feeling not to give this up and speak up , hoping that our  beautiful world with the people in it, will see what we have lost. It's not about shopping, it's about the human bonding, togetherness that we have all lost. I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year , and do not be afraid to speak up about family time and how important that is. 

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